Frequently Asked Questions

What is OK Banking?

OK Banking is the Mobile Financial Services of ONE Bank Limited where customers can avail mobile banking services using mobile phone from anywhere of the country.


Where to register?

Customer can register at any ONE Bank nominated- OK Banking own agent, UISC and Mobicash marked outlets and GrameenPhone centers.


Who can open OK account with ONE Bank Ltd.?

- Bangladeshi National
- Age 18 years or above
- Having valid Photo National ID/Driving License/Passport
- Currently Grameenphone & Robi subscribers


Is there any charge for opening an account?

No, opening an Account is completely FREE.


Why PIN is required?

PIN is required to input during cash withdrawal from an Agent Point of OK Banking or OBL partner outlet or OBL Branch or OBL ATM. PIN ensures security of your money and protect fraudulent transactions.


Why PIN is strictly confidential?

PIN is the key for transaction through Mobile Banking. Only correct match of PIN & Mobile Number can access the Mobile Account. PIN is needed to verify the A/C owner by the system. If a PIN is disclosed, respective account is at risk, therefore, PIN should be handled very carefully.


Which Telco's Mobile can be registered?

Customer having mobile (currently GrameenPhone & Robi) can be registered for OK Banking at any nominated agent point of the bank.


What are the necessary documents for registration?

1. Duly filled KYC form (Forms are available at the nominated agent point)
2. Photograph of account holder
3. Copy of National ID, Driving license or passport
4. Copy of Mobile Number ownership document (URF: User Registration Form)


What is my Mobile Account number?

Your Mobile Account number is your mobile number.


What type of Mobile set is required?

Any type to mobile set can be used for OK banking.


How much initial deposit is required?

No initial deposit required.


Can I deposit and withdraw money immediately after registration?

You can deposit money immediately after registration. However, you can withdraw after your account is approved by the bank. Bank officer verifies the information on the registration form (KYC form) as per banks standard policy and authorizes the account. After your account is fully registered and approved, you will get an SMS notification.


Where to Cash-In (cash deposit)?

Customer can cash-in (deposit) at any OBL nominated- own agent, UISC and Mobicash marked outlets and Grameen Phone centers.


Where to Cash-Out (cash withdrawal)?

Customer can cash-out (withdraw) at any OBL nominated- own agent, UISC and Mobicash marked outlets and Grameen Phone centers.


What is Salary/Allowance Disbursement?

It is a process by which Corporate Office can disburse the salary of their employees and Government can disburse different allowances like elderly allowance, freedom fighter allowance etc. to the people within a few moment in a hassle free way.


What is Send Money or person to person (P2P) transfer?

The money transfer from one mobile account to another mobile account is called P2P transfer. At present Robi & Grameen Phone mobile account user can transfer maximum Tk.10, 000/- (Ten thousand) per day and Tk.25, 000/- (Twenty five thousand) per month from own account to other OK account any time.


What is Buy Airtime service?

OK Banking account holder can buy airtime tip-up for own or other's GrameenPhone mobile balance using OK Account.


Where can I make complain?

24/7 helpline 16269.